Breathing In The Moment


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Binding: Spiral bound

Paper: Heavier stock for easy turning

Released: ©2012


•All 15 songs from the matching album.

•Table of contents

•Information page

Difficulty Level: Songs range from Advanced Beginner to Advanced

•2 Advanced Beginner Songs

•3 Intermediate Songs

•8 Advanced Intermediate Songs

•2 Advanced Song

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One response to “Breathing In The Moment

  1. Breathing in the Moment
    Michele McLaughlin
    2012 / Michele McLaughlin
    15 songs
    Review by Kathy Parsons
    Breathing in the Moment is a note-for-note transcription of all fifteen piano solos from Michele McLaughlin’s CD by the same name. The music was transcribed by John Zechiel and proofed/edited by yours truly. It’s interesting to note that this was the first time I’ve used Facetime or Skype with a composer to verify how he or she plays a passage, and it worked really well! I really love Michele’s Out of the Darkness CD and songbook, but this one is even more fun to play because of the variety in the pieces. Some are joyful and fast while others are slower and more melancholy. The theme of the album is living in the present and appreciating the moment we are in to the fullest extent, and the music reflects an inner peace coupled with an enjoyment of the beauty within as well as all around us.

    Most of these pieces are not difficult to play although a few reach very lively tempos and a couple of have trickier key signatures. Most pianists of an upper-intermediate to early advanced playing level will have no problem mastering this music. Below, I have given a playing level for each piece, but please be aware that these levels are on a scale of 1-5 based on Michele’s music only, so a level 5 piece is difficult in comparison to Michele’s other pieces. I gave “Nostalgia” a 5 because there is a 15-bar passage that uses tremolo, and it takes a rather strong right wrist to play tremolo evenly for that long. To simplify that section a bit, you can play the tremolo passage as all eighth notes on the right hand, matching to the left. It won’t sound as nice, but it would make that section much easier to play. I also gave “Rejoice” a 5 because it is relatively long and very fast. My own favorites to play are “Finding Balance,” “Breaking Free,” “The Life Cycle,” and “The Lunar Effect.”

    Breathing in the Moment – Level 4 – G major & D minor (1 sharp / 1 flat) – 6 pages
    The Beauty Within – Level 4 – G# minor (5 sharps) – 6 pages
    Stargazing – Level 4 – D minor (1 flat) – 5 pages
    Cheryl’s Hope – Level 3 – F (1 flat) – 4 pages
    Sisters – Level 4 – C (0) – 5 pages
    Into the Sunset – Level 3 – D minor (1 flat) – 4 pages
    The Life Cycle – Level 4 – C – 6 pages
    Finding Balance – Level 4 – C minor (3 flats) – 6 pages
    The Joy of Childhood – Level 2 – C – 3 pages
    Trilogy – Level 4 – A minor – 8 pages
    Breaking Free – Level 4 – F minor & Bb minor (4/5 flats) – 5 pages
    Nostalgia – Level 5 – D minor (1 flat) – 5 pages
    Wonderment – Level 2.5 – G & C (1 sharp/0) – 4 pages
    The Lunar Effect – Level 3.5 – A minor (0) – 4 pages – 4 pages
    Rejoice (Reprise) – Level 5 – C (0) – 7 pages

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